As an in-demand digital marketing discipline, this certification will provide you with the latest techniques and tools to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Bring yourself up to speed with the world of social media. Understand key pillars like social media strategy and planning, content creation and content pillars.

Your introduction to digital communications, helping you develop a measured and well-considered strategy and plan for any size organisation to implement.

You will learn all about how trading on these platforms work, why you should be using it and how to manage your media budgets more efficiently.



The Do Digital Academy offers digital marketing education to businesses, agencies, and individuals in the form of online courses and face to face workshops. Our SETA accredited Digital Performance Marketing course is our flagship offering with Digital Strategy, Social Media, Programmatic Media and Data Analytics masterclasses also available.

The workshops will enable you to grow your current marketing knowledge, advance yourself in your career and improve your current presence on digital channels. Born out of the digital industry itself, the Do Digital Academy provides the necessary recognised certifications and qualifications for candidates to advance and progress in the industry. We look forward to playing a part in your digital journey and inspiring smarter conversations!